Nt Northern Territory Flag 3x5 (deluxe Edition) Reviews

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Image of Nt Northern Territory Flag 3x5 (deluxe Edition)

Nt Northern Territory Flag 3x5 (deluxe Edition)

The deluxe edition 3 foot x 5 foot NT flag, or the flag of the Northern Territory.

The deluxe Northern Territory flag features the official Territorian colours of black, white and ochre. The Southern Cross appears as five white stars on a black panel at the hoist.

In the fly of the flag is a stylised Sturt's Desert Rose, the Territory's floral emblem since 1961, with seven white petals and a black seven-pointed core. The seven white petals represent the six Australian States and the Northern Territory.

ABC Sports Northern Territory flag is manufactured to strict quality control standards by utilising a fully-proven imprint service combined with the best quality fabrics available to ensure that our NT flags are of premium quality in their range.

The flag of the Northern Territory measures approximately 900mm wide x 1500mm long, 3 foot x 5 foot in the old imperial measurement, has reinforced white hanging spline with dual brass grommets for attaching to a flag pole or for hanging on the wall, or other structure.

The 3x5 NT flag features triple stitched edging and is made from a durable lightweight polyester material making it perfect for either indoor games room wall display or outdoor use. The lightweight polyester used to make the Northern Territory flag allows it to sway, wave, flap and flutter in even the slightest of breeze.

Price: $24.95 from ABC Sports shop

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