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Old Dorset County Flag

The deluxe edition 3 foot x 5 foot Old Dorset County coat of arms flag features three red lions passant guardant with a red fleur de lys on a white background.

The 900 x 1500mm Dorset County old coat of arms flag is made from super-durable material with double stitched edging, reinforced eyelet hoist, and is produced with stay fast colour printing processes.

The Dorset County old coat of arms flag is approximately 900mm x 1500mm (3 feet x 5 feet) and can be attached to a flag pole, mounted of fixed to any wall of structure in your home, your Dorset-Australian club room, your work place, at an Dorset sporting event, Old Dorset joust or ye ole Dorset medieval sporting event, or Traditional Dorset family celebration... anywhere you want to express your love of Dorset, being proud of your Dorset heritage and to show off your right royal Dorset patriotism!

The 900 x 1500mm Dorset County old coat of arms flag has a virtually endless life span when used as an indoor wall hanging. Depending on the outside environmental elements and the amount of time the flag is flown outside it can last anywhere between 3 to 6 months.

Official Dorset County old flag flying days and occasions:

Listed below are the official Dorset County flag flying days.

Dorset County old coat of arms flag is flown at full mast unless otherwise indicated.

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